Every Question about Groups

  • What is a public group?
    • A public group is a globally visible group.  Unlike a private group, there are no restrictions on who can join a public group.


  • How can I join/leave a public group?
    • Anyone who wishes to join a public group can do so by clicking “Join” button within that group.


  • How do I add a member to a group?
      • Admin of a private/public group can invite another cubii user to join the group. While, a member of a group can add group members only if the admin has enabled permission for members to add other users to the group.


  • How do I view my ranking in a group for a specific date?
    • You can see your ranking in a group by using the drop down menu on the top right of the group page. You have options for present day, previous day, present week, present month and previous month.


  • How can I join the Cubii Global group?
    • You can join the Cubii Global group by accepting the invitation when you first sign up for your account. Alternatively, click “Join” within the Cubii Global (Official) group in the public group tab.


  • How can I edit group details? Why am I not able to edit group details?
    • Only Admins of a public/private group have permission to edit the group details. No other member can edit group details.


  • What are City and Company groups? Can I leave these groups?
    • All users are added to City and Company groups based on the information provided during signup. You cannot leave a City or a Company group. The Company group is private; users who are not part of your company will not be able to see members in companies that they are not a part of.
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