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  • Can I see Calories, Miles, Strides and Steps on the cyclist dashboard?
    • Yes, you can switch between metrics by clicking on the metric icon on the top left.


  • How do I switch to the simpler “classic” dashboard? / I prefer to see all the metrics on my screen simultaneously.
    • You can switch between the cyclist and classic dashboards by clicking on  the small cyclist icon on the top right beside the notification icon.


  • How to connect/disconnect a Cubii device?
    • Click on “Connect Your Device” button on the dashboard. This lists the available Cubii devices in the vicinity. You can then select the Cubii device you wish to connect with and click on “Connect”.
    • To disconnect, click on the device name on the dashboard. On the device list page, click on “Disconnect”.


  • How can I rename my Cubii device?
    • When connecting to your Cubii device the first time, you’ll be asked to give it your own name. If you’d like to rename your Cubii later, you can do so by following: More >> Account >> Devices- [cubii device].
  • How do I know when my workout data synced to the server?
    • You can check the time at which your Cubii app last synced to the server by referring below the “Connect Your Device” button.


  • Where can I find notification messages?
    • You can find notifications on the notifications pane. The notification pane is on the right side of the dashboard and can be opened by clicking on the “notification icon”(bell) on the top right.
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