My Cubii is no longer connected after App update Version 5.0 (11/3/2020)

If you're experiencing connection issues after downloading our new app update version 5.0 (released 11/3/2020), please follow the instructions below: 

NOTE: The app is compatible only with Android OS version 7.0 or above and Apple iOS version 12.0 and above.  For iOS and Android, make sure you only connect to your Cubii device through the Cubii App, not through your Bluetooth menu. Also, make sure that you are actively pedaling the Cubii when trying to connect. It will not appear under 'Available Devices' unless you are pedaling. 

NOTE: The app only syncs data when it is open and running, therefore, if you used your Cubii but didn't open the app afterwards, then the data will not "dump" until the next time you open up the app. The app will automatically reset all stats back to zero at midnight each night. At this time, there is no way to manually reset back to zero. To make sure that your data is syncing for the correct day, just open up your app at the end of each day or after your final usage of the Cubii for that workout session. 

NOTE: The Cubii does not have a "real-time" live clock and so it will store data in an offline mode when you are not connected to the app. Meaning, that if you pedal on your Cubii for any amount of time but are not connected to the app whilst doing so, the data will be stored internally until the next time it is synced with the app. All data points, except for "Time," will upload. Therefore, "Miles," "Strides," and "Calories," will store and sync accordingly, but since there is no "real-time" live clock, the "Time" you pedaled for will not sync once you connect. To prevent losing time accuracy, always keep your app open and running while you are using the Cubii. Furthermore, to ensure that all your data is "dumping" into the correct day, make sure that you connect to the app when you finish your daily workout. That way, all your stats will sync properly and you won't get data mixed up between days.

First, make sure that your device is connected, as indicated on the app by the green checkmark ​ to the left of your Cubii Device. Please see screenshots below for how to connect to your device:



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