How can I troubleshoot my LCD monitor? Can I replace it?

If the LCD monitor of your Cubii JR1 does not turn on or is malfunctioning, please try the steps in this video. The steps for troubleshooting your LCD monitor, and replacing your monitor are quite similar.

Steps are also written out below. NOTE: The pry tool is only included with replacements as of 11/06/2020. You can easily remove the monitor by using your fingernails, or a butter knife to gently lift it out.)


If the steps above did not solve the problem, you may need to replace the battery entirely. The battery type is a button cell (LR44). Here are the steps to replace the battery: 

  1. Remove the LCD monitor from the Cubii housing.
  2. Hold both sides of the wire connection, and disconnect the LCD monitor.
  3. Remove the silicone cover (if present), and then push out the button cell battery carefully from the holder.
  4. Insert new battery. Make sure the smaller surface faces down.
  5. Place the silicone cover, and then reconnect the LCD monitor with the wire. Insert the monitor back into the housing.

Please note that when you disconnect and reconnect the LCD monitor and change the battery, your exercise stats will all reset to zero.

If the above troubleshooting steps did not work, please click here to fill out a request form. 

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