My Cubii has started making noise. What can I do to fix this?

NOTE: These troubleshooting steps do not apply to the Cubii Go

If your Cubii JR1, JR2, Pro or Elite has started making a noise, please try all of the troubleshooting steps below to fix the issue: 

  • Please wipe down the wheels, spinning them as you do, to make sure they are clean and tight. Over time, dust and other small particulates (especially if you have pets!) can work their way into those wheels and cause a squeaking noise.
  • Please wipe down the silicone wheel pads (that the pedal wheel rolls along) to clean off all dust and particle remnants
  • Please tighten the screws on your pedals as much as possible
  • Please lift the Cubii up by the handle and hold suspended in air for 15 seconds

  • Please lubricate the Cubii by applying WD40 or vegetable oil to the areas indicated by the red arrows in photo below.  

  • ​​

If the Cubii is still noisy after trying these fixes, please click here to submit a help request with our support team.  Please include the following information with your submission:

  • A short video of the noise so that we can diagnose it and figure out how best to solve the problem

  • Order number

  • Full name on the order

  • Shipping address on order and current shipping address (if different)

  • Phone number
  • The serial number for your Cubii:

    • Is located underneath your unit or on one of the narrow sides of the original box it was shipped in.
    • Will begin with the letter F, followed by a series of numbers and dashes. Examples are shown below:

    Please view the photos below:



    You can also watch this helpful tutorial video for assistance:

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