What types of classes are available on Cubii Studio+?

We offer a variety of class types and lengths on Cubii Studio+. With Cubii Studio+, you will be able to access any class you want – at any time you want – anywhere you want.  

  • We offer (4) main class types - see below for a description of each class. 
    • Sweat + Stride – Our Sweat + Stride classes are all about increasing your heart rate, enjoying the music, and getting ready to move. 
    • Stretch + Stride - Our Stretch + Stride classes will help you relieve tension and keep your muscles feeling flexible and healthy! 
    • Strength + Stride  - Our Strength + Stride classes use weights and resistance bands to help you tone your muscles.  
    • Mind + Stride - Our Mind + Stride classes encourage you to sit down, to relax, and to practice mindfulness



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