What are the benefits of using Cubii Ellipticals in my workout routine?

Cubii Ellipticals were designed to allow people to exercise from the comfort of their own homes!  It is a great addition to a normal workout routine (especially if you cannot make it to the gym) or for people looking to bring movement into their bodies while doing activities that require them to sit. 

On average, Cubii users burn 150 calories per hour. This depends on each individual's unique physical structure and how quickly and vigorously they pedal. The higher the resistance level, the more calories you will burn.  Pedaling the Cubii elliptical becomes increasingly challenging as you raise the resistance level.  To start, we suggest beginning at Level 1 and then gradually raising the resistance level according to your needs.  

When you pedal forward, the Cubii will target your glutes, quads, and hip flexors. Pedaling backward targets your hamstrings and calves. The Cubii even works into the core and lower back muscles, if you maintain an upright seated position while using it.  


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