How can I delete my Cubii app account and data?

As per Cubii's privacy policy and terms of conditions, any user has the right to request a complete account deletion. Cubii follows a strict policy to respect such requests. Depending on the user's choice within the app, your user data will be deleted within 7 business days or within 1 hour

The Cubii app team will then send an informational email, followed by a confirmation email to communicate the status of the request. During the account deletion flow process, the app database will remember the user's email temporarily to ensure the confirmation email is sent to the user. As soon as the final communication email is sent, the user email is deleted from Cubii app database. The Cubii app account deletion includes deleting the user's email, Cubii profile, Cubii workout data, groups and community data and Wellness Journii data. 

Steps to submit an account deletion request on the app:

  • Click on the hamburger menu located on upper left corner of the Cubii app.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on "Delete Account" button. mceclip0.png
  • Select a reason to delete account and click on delete account. mceclip1.png
  • If you wish for your account to be deleted immediately, select the box that says "Do you want to delete your account immediately?"
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